Ancient · Simple · Beautiful


Go is one of the oldest games still played today. It was invented in China over 2000 years ago and has spread to Korea, Japan, and all over the world.

The game takes only minutes to learn, but a lifetime to master.


We have players of varying age, ethnicity, and skill levels. Some rank from the highly skilled 6 Dan all the way to the newest beginner.

Our meetings are free and are welcoming to absolute beginners and highly skilled players alike.


We meet every Sunday from 1pm till 5pm at a Korean tea shop (see left) next to the Micro Center on Bethel Rd. Many players bring their own boards.

Tea Zone Cafe & Bakery - 5025 Olentangy River Rd


People from all over Ohio and beyond travel to Columbus four times a year for one of our tournaments. Players can win prizes and trophies, get official rankings from the AGA (American Go Association), and play good games with new friends.

Make sure you connect with our google or facebook group to hear when the next tournament will be.